Thursday, May 8, 2008

16 Ways to 'Green Up' the Kitchen

Green up your kitchen and it will be less cluttered, cleaner, and prettier too!

I started this site not just to help people unclutter their lives , but also to help show that reducing our consumption of things we don't use much (like kitchen gadgets) or didn't even ask for (like junk mail), can really help our planet. I hope some of these ideas take some of the stress out of your everyday living as they have for me. Thanks, The Minimalist

1. Donate your Coffee Maker and instead use a French Press more
2. Replace your old dishwasher with an Energy Star model that uses less water read more
3. Replace your old fridge fro an Energy Star model that dispenses filtered more
4. Donate your microwave to a school and try living without why
5. Use washable bar rags and a bit of bleach mixed with water in a spray bottle to disinfect your kitchen.... here's why
6. Limit your kitchen gadgets that will eventually end up in's how
7. Buy your last set of good quality pots and pans .... read more
8. Store things properly so food doesn't go to waste .... here's how
9. Stop buying food in cans.... here's why
10. Support your local farmer's market... here's an easy way
11. Cook from scratch, it's not that big a deal...... here's some help
12. Reduce your junk mail and get it off your kitchen table's how
13 Stop catalogs from piling's how
14 Contact companies and request that they change to earth friendly this
15. Compost your kitchen scraps .... here's how
16. Reduce your use of all plastics, recycle numbers 1-6 containers at your local transfer station, and bring your own bags to the store more

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