Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Minimalist Kitchen - Microwaves

When my last microwave broke, I looked at one that had a toaster built in that I thought would be a nifty space saver, and it would be built in over my range as well. However, I then thought about how many microwaves I had owned that had given out over the years and I think the number may be as high as ten! So I decided to see if it would be a big deal to live without one. Guess what? It isn't. I just use the stove top to heat things up.

Microwave cooking has some disadvantages as well: the microwave takes up counter space, (which is unacceptable in a minimalist kitchen,) and there is speculation that food loses some nutrient value when cooked this way. Many people reheat food in plastic containers that aren’t meant to be used with heat and can cause toxins to leach into the food. Of course, they use energy even when not in use if they’re plugged in. Lastly, they can be dangerous because I actually managed to set one on fire once!

So this minimalist skipped the microwave and saved the expense to buy it, (and get rid of it when it inevitably dies), the counter space clutter, and the time I’d have to spend cleaning it.

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