Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Minimalist's Letter to Emer-gen-C

Here's my letter to Emer-gen-C based on my casual survey. I included as many of my readers' ideas as I could. Do you think they'll listen?

Dear Alacer Corp.,

I belong to a large network of on line communities interested in the environment and reducing packaging in particular. I did a survey on my web site asking if your product should be packaged differently. First of all, people love the product! Many people use it instead of Alka-seltzer for sour stomachs and hangovers. We dislike the current packaging however, as it contains plastic. We would like something made of waxy paper that we can put into our compost piles, I suggested either a tea bag type or a Pixie Stick type tube. People loved the Pixie Stick idea because they could pop one into a purse or pocket. It was also suggested that they could be sold in a single tube at the supermarket checkout area and that perhaps the multipack package could be smaller.

I am sorry to see you producing bottled water. Shame on you! Just so you know, there's a huge movement to boycott bottled water. People want simplicity and less plastic! I urge you to listen to your customers. I will be printing my letter and your response all over the web, so I appreciate your consideration in this matter. Sincerely, The Minimalist

If you would like to try to help me influence this company to dump the plastic, follow the link below and let them know how you feel. I believe that we need to stop garbage before it happens! We can do it! (They'll send you some free coupons too!)

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Felicity said...

Thanks for your comment! I love your blog, fantastic ideas...