Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Minimalist Finances: Getting Rid of More Junk Mail

When looking at simplifying finances, it makes sense to eliminate as much junk mail as we can. Not only are we helping the environment, but it makes it less likely that we will miss something important. In addition to arranging for paperless billing one can opt out of many catalogs and credit card offers.

To stop unwanted catalogs go to the Catalog Choice site. It’s a free service. Simply sign up and choose the catalogs you don’t want to receive. What's great is that you can update it whenever you want. I update it whenever I receive a new catalog. I feel that I am actually doing the retailer a favor by saving them their advertising money, because after all, I’m not going to order anything anyway! If I do want to order something that would be in their catalogs, I just go on line.

Here is a great time saver! Opt out of credit card offers. These are a huge time waster because they have to be shredded. What’s worse if they are stolen from your mailbox it could result in identity theft. Opting out is free and easy and you can opt back in at any time. Just go to the Opt Out Prescreen web site. And if you’re worried about missing some great credit card offer that would be mailed only to you, don’t. You can always shop for the best credit card deals on the Lower My Bills site or check with your mortgage carrier or bank.


Thea said...

Sorry, forgot to look if you were based in the USA or elsewhere before commenting.
I have a No Advertising Material label on my letterbox and use a Post Office box for all my mail.
I receive no advertising catalogs at all.
Do you have that option where you live?
Cheers, Thea

The Minimalist said...

As far as I know, they'll still deliver junk mail in the US even if you write no advertising. It's difficult for the postman to distinguish between a mortgage offer or a real mortgage for example. Using a P.O. box really helps though. Thanks for your comment. :)
The Minimalist