Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Minimal Kitchen - Refrigerators

In this and future posts, I am talking about how to create a minimalistic kitchen one element at a time.Today I am talking about refrigerators.

Having a refrigerator that dispenses filtered water and ice is a time saver in many ways. Obviously, you don’t have to fill ice trays, but the real advantage is by just changing the water filter every 3-6 months,
(I ordered six filters at once on line to save time,) you don’t need a water filter pitcher taking up space in your fridge and can save the expense of installing a filter on your faucet. There is no need for bottled water either, and we all know what a scam that is. But that’s another subject.

Your freezer should stay full. This saves energy. If you don’t eat a lot of frozen food, you can fill it up with bread, bagels, English muffins etc. You can also free up some of your cupboard space by storing baking mix, flour, nuts, and bread crumbs in the freezer where they will last longer. Packaged seeds you may have bought to plant later will stay fresh in the freezer also. Another thing you can do to fill up your freezer is to make ice and put it into plastic bags. Ice really comes in handy when you're having an outdoor party, because you can fill a big bucket with it and stick in bottles of beer, wine, and other beverages for your guests to help themselves. And here's a random minimalist tip: if you're in the middle of a a paint project, you can wrap your brush and roller in plastic wrap, store it in the freezer and use it the next day!

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