Friday, February 29, 2008

The Minimalist Kitchen - Pots and Pans

Pots and Pans: Having a good set of pans will save money over time because they will last. After buying cheap nonstick pans over and over for years, I shudder to think what a waste that was on so many levels! (money, time, landfill space, my family's health, my sanity!) I did some research on this subject and found out some creepy things about nonstick coatings, like if birds are in a kitchen where they in use they may die!

So, I spent a bit more on a set of good stainless steel pots and pans and they are holding up beautifully. They are easy to clean, they spread the heat evenly, and require less heat on the stove (which I'm sure must save gas.) I researched on the Consumer Reports website before I bought. It didn't take much time and was well worth it.

Minimalist tip: The idea of really researching something before you buy and perhaps, spending a bit more is minimalistic because if you buy something of quality it should last a long time. Hence, you don't need to re-buy.

Here's a real life example: One of my sisters still has a leather couch she bought in the eighties in her family room. I asked her how she kept it so perfect looking and she said ," Oh, I just scrub it with cleanser!" The couch was white ( 80's), but it looked great and she is a decorator and has great taste. When I think of how much money my husband and I have spent on couches over the years I realize that if we had bought one quality, leather couch we would probably still have it and would have saved thousands of dollars! We figured this out about five years ago and even though I am a vegetarian, now we only buy leather furniture. Think about how my sister, Trish's one purchase decision, kept all those couches she would have bought over the years out of the landfill!
Green tip: Buy things that will last!

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