Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm Back.......

Well, I must admit I have missed writing this blog so I  am going to resume writing it even though it contradicts being a minimalist because writing three blogs isn't minimal. In truth, my life is quite complicated but maintaining a minimalistic lifestyle in my home. personal habits, and business organization is what keeps me sane. So here's where I am now.

If you've been reading my blog you know that I quit teaching after a 20 year stint to work with my husband and now almost 25 year old son flipping houses. When the economy soured our son got his general contractors license and we started a remodeling company. This journey has been wonderful for all three of us. I became so organized I  found time to paint and show my work which has totally changed my perception of myself.  I downsized everything and found out what is important and what isn't. That's really at the heart of what I write about. I just love to focus on practical ways to make life easier ways to tread lightly on our beautiful earth.

After teaching writing for so long it's fun to actually write to an audience that wants to hear what I have to say. I had no idea that so many folks subscribed to my blog to tell you the truth! So here's what the minimalist is up against now......

We just moved last month into a huge house that is too big for us but needed to be occupied as we couldn't sell it and having just renovated it, it was too nice to rent.  Our son and two renting friends moved into" the minimalist townhouse" downtown so he could live our downsized lifestyle!

This house is only a mile and a half from "the Hood" where we used to live but having to drive everywhere really changed my reality. In protest, I just drive right back there to do my shopping where I know everyone. We still hit happy hour at our favorite haunts, but can't stay as long.

Anyway, my new challenge is to minimalize this big place on 1/2 an acre and to fight becoming re-suburbanized! If that is something you can relate to,  I invite you to follow me on my new journey...... Repeat after me.... no Costco, no Costco, no Costco!!!