Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why do we keep stuff?

I am amazed when I see what some other people feel are their "treasures:" Little League baseball trophies, childhood games and toys, tools they never use, broken things they'll never fix, a breadbox? Anyone using a breadbox hasn't read my blog about how valuable counter space is!
I helped a friend move recently and he put as much stuff into the garage as he did the house!

I do have a few good ideas why people keep such things. I think they tie them to someone who gave them to them or someone they were with when they bought them somewhere in their past. Of course, many people hoard out of fear they'll have nothing one day, or they might need that useless thing one day. But the truth is: we need to get over this stuff! There's always more stuff in our future - the Good Will is full of other people's stuff they wasted their time, money, and our planet's resources on. You won't be young again, and your kids don't want your old toys. Oh, and your old girlfriend's not coming back, so make some room for a new one!


self taught artist said...

right on!
such a drian and toxic to your life to have piles of crap collecting mold and dust. memories are in your head if they are worth having, not in a thing or hundreds of pictures.
how horrible to die and leave all your #@!* for someone else to go through!!!

The Minimalist said...

I just had to dispose of a whole house full of #@! of my husband's uncle as a matter of fact and it was not fun! You are so right that clutter is actually toxic!

MizKatie said...

man, i wish you'd have a talk with my bf. he hoards everything!!! :)

firerobin said...

My mother is pack rat. Luckily, after seeing her collect everything under the sun, I have turned out to be the exact opposite. I am a minimalist in every sense of the word, from decorating to the things I decide to keep.

I stumbled upon your blog today and enjoyed it ... I'll be back.

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