Sunday, June 22, 2008

How many cars do you have?

OK, how many cars do you have and what's in there? If you have any extra cars or an RV for that matter, that you don't drive that often, why? These are great things to either sell or donate and improve your financial picture. Even if they're just sitting in the driveway they're costing you space and perhaps, money to insure them.

Let's talk about that RV. They cost about 80 grand. Now, how many nights could a person spend in five star hotels for that amount of money (plus interest on the loan to buy it!) And I shutter to think about the cost of gas! They're not worthless though, because people can live in them. Does it ever make you sick to think about all those RVs sitting in people's driveways while millions of people are homeless in this country?

So, let's say you only have one car. What's in it? If it's full of junk, you're making your life harder. Did you know that the more stuff in your car, the worse gas millage you get? For example, my friend keeps six flats of bottled water in the back of his car so he can drink one every morning on his way to work because he knows he'll be dehydrated from the wine he drank the night before. Now, a flat of water weighs a bit so I asked him, " What if you just reused a water bottle every morning by filling it with our snow melted tap water? You'd save yourself the time, trouble, money, and garbage created by buying bottled water and probably get better gas mileage." What was his answer? "Shut up and drink your bottled water!" And if you've read my blog you know I hate bottled water!

Do you eat in your car? If you eat in your car you are breaking all of the dieting rules right off the bat, making yourself have to throw away fast food wrappers, and creating useless garbage. Hopefully, you don't support these establishments because they are ruining our farmlands, waterways, rain forests, and creating needless garbage. So let yourself have the pleasure of eating in a calm manner, not while driving.

Do you have a thousand CDs rattling around your car? I have another friend who crashed his car while changing a CD! An iPod hooked up to your car stereo is a great way to go or invest in a 5 CD changer so you can have variety. Driving to work is stressful enough without listing to the news or public radio. You'll just be angry by the time you get to work! Sit back, relax, play those songs that no one likes but you, and sing along!


Karen said...

A very thought provoking post! We have one car. It is a small suv,4 cylinders so its good on gas milege. I work out of doors (delivering U.S. mail.) so I eat in my car but it is food from home in reusable containers. My bottled water is from my tap in a plastic bottle that I reuse and reuse. I listen to books on cd in the car or my mp3 player that I get from the library. It all sounds so green but I could be much better at this I know. Your blog is a very interesting read!

The Minimalist said...

You rock! Think how much money you save too! I mean, people don't realize how much money they waste while working or getting to work. I mean aren't we there to make money?!

Judy Mackey said...

So true, so true. With gas prices high as they are decluttering the car and not carrying the extra load seems such an easy thing to do. I'm with you on bottled water - it's seems such a waste.

firerobin said...

Luckily (in this case), I'm a neat freak. (It's not always a positive thing -- like when I have to have the entire apartment just perfect before anyone comes over). So ... my car is always clutter free. (I have to conserve that gas!)

Oh, and you have to have an iPod for your car. News and talk radio in the morning?? Definitely not for me.

Great post -- I'm glad I found your blog!