Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Still Digging Out!

I am still digging out from this move. Our last renter finally moved all of his stuff out on Friday, but unfortunately we still have lots of extra furniture that won't fit in this smaller house. One would think I'd have everything put away by now, but I of course, consider each thing I have and weather or not I really need it. 

We also decided to repaint in a new light chocolate shade that looks very contemporary. Being as busy as we are right now, my husband spends about an hour a day painting and it's really coming along. 

I've always had the attitude that any big job can be done a bit at a time. So I try to unpack one box each night when I get home from work and do one load of laundry. We'll get there. 

If you're facing a big dig out from clutter or any kind of disorganization, check out the Fly Lady's site. No matter where you are in your process of getting it together she has figured out systems to keep you progressing. Her basic philosophy is the same as mine, and I'm a big fan of hers.

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