Friday, February 27, 2009

When Minimalism is Really Needed!

We are now trying once again, to sell our flip house that didn't sell last summer. The difference this time is we have moved into it. So, now it is staged with our furniture. Our realtor told us that at our open house people kept saying, "Oh wow, this house has been staged," and he kept telling them, no the owners live here, this is how they live. That is what a life without clutter can do.

I have a zero tollerance for clutter. Instead of decorating with items, I try to see the beauty in a shiny stainless steel fridge or the colors I choose to paint the walls. I chose my lamps as art pieces instead of choosing plain lamps and adding nick-knacks on the tables underneath. Small everyday items can clutter a room too. A decoative box for example, is a great way to hide all of the remotes, reading glasses, etc. that get left out. Another trick is to thread a surge protector through the back of a secertary type desk. Then you can charge your cell phones, cameras, etc. out of site yet, still right at hand.

At any rate, I am happy that my minimalist philosophy is working. Now if we can just sell this house!
Here are some pictures:


Angela said...

Simply stunning! I wish you all the best in finding a buyer.

Betsy Bargain said...

I agree with you that having too much "stuff" can make you anxious and stressed. When you have too much stuff, you have to work really hard to have a big place to live to house your stuff, and work really hard to buy more stuff. All this working and shopping and maintaining your stuff makes for an unhappy life. Although I am not doing so now, I have lived quite happily in a studio condo.

Felipe said...
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Jonathan said...

Less is definitely more!

We kept that in mind while designing our company website.

Thanks for the great read.