Sunday, November 30, 2008

Absolutely Fabulous and Minimalism

If you follow the British TV show, Absolutely Fabulous then you may remember an episode where Edwina flashes back to her minimalist friends Bettina and her husband, in college who are dressed all in white in an all white apartment with no furniture and just one tiny painting hanging from the ceiling by a thread. In present day they are yuppies with a baby. When they come to visit, they have mass amounts of baby furniture, diapers, formula, etc and are exhausted - no longer serene and groovy in their minimalism. Edwina is horrified screaming at her daughter, Safron, (Donovan reference,) "Where are my surfaces?"
Desperate, Edwina finally has sex with the husband knowing that Bettina will hear it on the baby monitor. She has no explanation other than, " Well they had to go darling."


Cornel said...

About a year ago I evaluated lots of the things that were in my life. I got rid of all the things that I didn't really needed, and one of them was the TV and the Satellite Decoder. So going with a bit of minimalism made me more free and that is fabulous.

The Minimalist said...

Living without TV saves a lot of money too! I'm afraid I'm not that strong.