Monday, September 22, 2008

Am I Moving? A Minimalist's Move

Well, you all know how unpredictable this economy is right now. As a result I may have to move! You see we've had a beautiful property on the market all summer and it's time to stop the hemoraging of cash flow. We have one more person to look at it today and if she doesn't buy it we're moving in to keep it on the market while we live in it and renting out our downsized Minimalistic Lifestyle townhouse. The big house is on 1/2 an acre and has 2400 square feet.
Not to panic  though because it's only 1.5 miles away! That's how Portland is, country in the city. I'm not looking forward to packing but because I have decluttered on a regular basis there aren't that many loose items except for the kitchen of course. That's really the key to a together house and easy move, having things in containers. The worst parts are disconnecting mounted TVs and things like that. Really glad I use a laptop now!

What happens if  it sells in a month? We'll put our furniture into storage and rent a one bedroom apartment for awhile until the lease on the townhouse is up, then move back here. Phew! I couldn't even have thought about such things if I hadn't minimized our belongings. 
You might think for a minute and ask yourself. What if I had to move suddenly due to a transfer, illness, or other unforeseen event? What would that look like?


neolle said...

I also had that in mind. Our new house is ready and only time will tell when will we transfer. I only have few stuffs, I was raised to live with it.

Living with few things is really a good habit.

Judy Mackey said...

When I was a military brat and then wife - moves came every couple of years and sometimes more - Moving was easy and decluttering was also easy. Good luck!

Karin said...

Hoping your transition has been going smoothly and as peacefully as possible. Sounds like you have a good outlook on it all, so I'm sure the stress will have your signature minimalist energy to it! best of luck to you,

Liara Covert said...

A person can always wait for circumstances to force a move. Yet, you can also choose to change your mindset and down-size because you desire to, when it makes sense.

I have moved a number of times in different countries. Each move is a learning experience. I always rediscover things I had forgotten about. I also redefine generosity by giving away things I no longer use.

Thinking back, I marvelled at what a student would accumulate in a year living in a single dorm room. You may have memories of moving and and out of one yourself, or know people who have. I mean, where does all the stuff come from? Those rooms are so tiny!

lamborghini diablo said...

I was really raised with it.

The Minimalist said...

Thanks everyone. It's interesting to me how many people mentioned they were raised with minimalism. I was raised in a mad house with five kids, grandpa, two dogs, two cats, and clutter piled everywhere! My rebellion was marrying young, having one husband (27 years now) and one kid,( now 24.) Cats and dogs are my weakness though and I have had many. I'm down to just one cat and one dog now. They love the new house on 1.2 an acre! Now I have all that yard work though! Definitely not minimal at this point, but I'll find a way to make it so.