Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reducing Plastic Bags: Why it's worth it!

Once again I feel I need to write about garbage. 

I am quite opposed to the use of plastic grocery bags. It looks like there will soon be  a charge for them here in Portland if our wonderful new mayor, Sam Adams has his way. I backed him on this before he was elected and perhaps now we will start living up to our green reputation!

Here's something that happened to me in a local supermarket just yesterday. I was in line and when the checker asked me if plastic was okay, I said, "Oh no, I have my own bag."
The woman in front of me turned as she was leaving and said, " Now I suppose the green police are going to get me."

Taken aback, I replied, " Oh, I just don't like them accumulating in my cupboards."

Ignoring me, she turned back to the checker and said, " No, I really mean it."

So here I am, trying to sell this woman on using her own bags, (which is in my nature,) instead of being insulted by her accusatory remark about me, a perfect stranger. Heaven forbid, she think I am the green police! 

So,  for any of my readers that are into minimalism, but not going green, here are some reasons why reducing your use of plastic bags is worth it.
1. They junk up our cupboards.
2. They can carry bacteria from whatever food, such as produce was in them.
3. They fill up your garbage can, costing you money.
4. They litter our highways (which is ugly), because they don't break down as fast as paper would.
5. They harm wild animals. You're in favor of animals right? Like the Animal Planet, right?

Here is one reason why the "Green Police" would like you to curtail your use of this vile product. It is a quote from Chrissie Hynde,
" It's ruining the Earth so knock it off, you're screwing it up for the rest of us!"

I hope you'll all check out two of my favorite anti-plastic sites by two great authors:


Anonymous said...

BioBag is a great biodegradable product that can be used around the home. They offer kitchen bags for your normal kitchen waste, and also the large lawn bags to put all your grass and garden clippings in. If you are a dog owner, they have dog waste bags that will break down over time along with the waste. has a great selection of BioBags and other plastic alternatives such as reusable shopping bags. They have great prices and super fast shipping!

The Minimalist said...

Thanks, great info. I use the doggie bags. The problem is just so huge though. Just seeing all of the plastic bags along the highway makes me so sick.