Friday, April 11, 2008

Todd Rundgren - Individualist and Minimalist?

I was thinking about which famous people come across as minimalists and I thought of my favorite musician and techno wizard Todd Rundgren. I once saw him live where he sang and played guitar and piano backed up only by a Macintosh laptop. He’s such a DIY guy too creating his own music, videos, animation, web site, and even his own community: PatroNet . He frequently tours with guys he’s played with in different bands for years including Kasim Sulton, Prarie Prince, and Tony Levin. He has produced and written songs for some of the best musicians ever! Like Patti Smith, Meatloaf, the Psychedelic Furs...... on and on! His accomplishments are far too numerous to describe.

To read more about this amazing guy check out the Todd Rundgren Connection. To join his creative community go to the Patronet web site.

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Whoa! Todd Rundgren? Wow! Thabnks for the comment :) It's a vanilla Healthy Times organic teething biscuit ... no twigs though! LOL

Anonymous said...

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